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Welcome to AccountX Crypto Community ( where the future begins.

The exchange of cryptocurrencies is becoming more attractive for more and more people from time to time. 

We at AccountX have made it our goal to support other systems in the process. Cooperation with our partners is very important to us. That is why we work very closely with them. Loyalty and trust play a major role here. Therefore, we were clear that our motto must represent a Journey towards a Legal Tender.

Under Journey towards a Legal Tender we have to do all things that can be eligible our crypto to be proved as Legal tender from a digital asset. We will remove all the existing disadvantage of a crypto and make this like an official Digital currency of the all countries of our planet.

We at AccountX always stand by our community and try to always be there for you. A great team with a great community.

AccountX | Contract | BSC Smart Chain


AccountX | the structure of AccountX

At present we are not charging any major tax on the transaction.

The liquidity of accountx holds over 80% of the market cap. The contract used is verified on bscscan.

AccountX | Tokenomics

Our Tokenomics Can Be Explained In 3 Points:

80% of the total supply are on sale and pooled with PanCakeSwap.

10% of the total supplies are used to pay the upcoming costs for e.g. servers and hardware. part of this 10% is also earmarked for our team and our social media moderators who provide support on telegram or twitter. With this 10% we will pay our marketing costs. We will go into more detail about the planned short-term and long-term marketing campaigns down below.

10% of the total supplies are hold by the founder in the interest of other hodlers and investors.

AccountX | Marketing

We can already report that we will be listed on several exchange platforms. 

Among them are the big names coingecko (towards the end of June) and also coinmarketcap (towards the beginning of July).

Also with voting system where our community can help us to be listed very well will be added already in July.

AccountX | Short Term Marketing Campaigns

For the launch of AccountX we will set up different social media profiles and fill them with content. This will allow us to reach many new prospects with targeted targeting.

Furthermore, we are in the process of constantly finding new partners for further cooperation. This means that with each new partner, our reach will also grow. 

Our marketing department is already in close contact with several companies that offer “ask-me-anything (ama) sessions” for example. We plan to schedule our first ama session for our community in the medium term. There is no exact date for this yet.

AccountX | Long-Term Marketing Campaigns

The current long-term plan is to reach 250 partners. We are working on our system and are very happy to be able to offer it to our partners.

We plan to make live calls several times a week where our team will introduce themselves, answer questions and explain the system in detail. 

Furthermore, paid banner ads on various websites such as poocoin, bscscan, coinmarketcap and other platforms are in cost planning.

By reaching the goal of 2,500 holders and 5,000 transfers on our official accountx contract, we can not only apply for verification with trustwallet, metamask and pancakeswap but also attract many new members. 2,500 holders is a very attractive holder number for many. With reaching the 2,500 holders as well as the 5,000 members, we will again start a big marketing campaign – with known influencers (with a total of 5 million subscribers), paid advertising banners and google-ads on crypto-specific news sites.